CRiS and Caravan Security Marking


If your caravan is stolen the chances of getting it back can be dramatically improved by taking action now.


Take photographs of your caravan, particularly any distinctive features. This can help identification should your caravan be stolen and subsequently recovered.

Roof Marking

Many police forces recommend that you mark your postcode on the roof of your caravan which can be seen by police aircraft and helicopters. Commercial kits are available, or you can paint your own.


If you have a desirable caravan, it may be worth investing in a tracking system. These use global positioning satellite technology to pinpoint your caravan to a few metres in the event that it is stolen.

They are not cheap to buy and there is usually a monthly line rental, but this can be outweighed by possible insurance discounts.


Etch your caravan chassis number or postcode on all windows and in several hidden places inside the van. You can use an ultra violet pen for this but a simple spirit based felt tipped pen inside a cupboard or under beds is almost impossible to remove.


A number of companies can embed a small microchip into your caravan structure, which can be found by a scanner. As of mid-2004, over 60,000 caravans have been tagged, making it harder for thieves to dispose of stolen ''vans and increasing the likelihood of stolen caravans being returned to their rightful owners.

All caravans built since 1997 have a Radio Frequency Tagging chip (RFID) fitted at manufacture. This technology has improved on shortfalls in CRIS technology (see below), as RFID chips are easier for the authorities to locate.


Keep a note of your caravan chassis number and other important information. Keep these records safe and away from the caravan.


CRiS stands for Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme. Since 1992 almost all new caravans carry a 17-digit number that is stamped onto the A-frame and etched into at least three windows.

Buying a pre-owned caravan then make sure you carry out a CRiS Check prior to concluding the deal. Don't get caught buying a caravan with a hidden history or an altered identity. A CRiS Check will not only confirm the caravans true identity, but will also reassure you of the provenance of the caravan you desire and will reveal if the caravan is subject to an HP agreement, reported stolen or been recorded as an Insurance Write-Off. In addition CRiS will be able to confirm if the 'seller' is currently recorded with CRiS as the current keeper.

To buy your CRiS Check ring 01722 411430 between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturdays and 10:00am - 5:00pm Sundays. The cost of a CRiS Check is just £14.95.

To apply for your caravan to be CRiS registered and electronically tagged, contact CRiS on 01722 411430 or email for further information.

Change of Keeper Notification

When you buy or sell your caravan it is important to ensure the new owner is properly registered as the keeper. The CVR2 Registration Document issued to the current keeper should be used to notify CRiS of any keeper change. Like the V5 document for your car,the CVR2 should be completed by both, seller and buyer and both parts sent to CRiS. There is a small fee for processing this change and it is normally the new registering keeper who would pay this. The fee as at 3rd September 2007 is £12.00. This can be paid by cheque or by credit card via the CRiS Contact Centre. For more information and full Terms and Conditions visit the HPICheck website

Extra security with CRiS Xtra

For additional peace of mind, you can mark your CRiS registered caravan with CRiS Xtra, an enhanced marking and identification kit containing an electronic tag and 1,000 micro-dots.

CRiS has also teamed up with caravan tracking specialist Phantom, to bring you the best hi-tech tracking system available.

Order your Phantom Tracker through CRiS by calling 01722 411 430 and you'll get a free CRiS Xtra kit*.

*Normal registration fee applies to non-registered CRiS keepers.


Once you have decided what caravan to buy, make sure your car can tow it safely. Overweight outfits can attract a fine of up to £3000. For the definitive outfit matching service, try Towsafe.

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