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Downshire Caravans

12 Newry Road
County Down
BT32 3HN
Tel 028 40622217

Description of business
Specalising in Elddis, Hobby Downshire Caravans Ireland stock a huge range of the latest models inside our 3000sq ft showroom. We are constantly updating our ranges to include the newest designs with dozens of caravans on display, from affordable 2 berths to luxurious 7 berths and everything in between.

Opening times
Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00

Available Units at Downshire Caravans

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CaravanMake & ModelYearBerthsPrice
Buccaneer Caravel20124£27,599.00
Buccaneer Clipper20124£27,599.00
Buccaneer Schooner20124£27,599.00
Elddis Avante 37220122£14,199.00
Elddis Avante 46220122£15,099.00
Elddis Avante 51520125£16,599.00
Elddis Avante 54020124£16,599.00
Elddis Avante 55420124£16,955.00
Elddis Avante 56420124£16,599.00
Elddis Avante 56620126£16,599.00
Elddis Avante 62420124£17,949.00
Elddis Avante 64620126£18,649.00
Elddis Crusader Cyclone20124£24,499.00
Elddis Crusader Supercyclone20124£24,499.00
Elddis Crusader Supersirocco20124£24,499.00
Elddis Odyssey 63420124£20,099.00
Elddis Odyssey 65020124£20,099.00
Elddis Odyssey 65620124£20,099.00
Elddis Xplore 30220122£11,339.00
Elddis Xplore 30420124£12,199.00
Elddis Xplore 40520125£13,599.00
Elddis Xplore 50420124£14,199.00
Elddis Xplore 50620126£14,199.00
Hobby Premium 650 UFf20124
Lunar Lexon 54020124£18,399.00
Elddis Odyssey 63420114£18,699.00
Elddis Xplore 30220112£10,999.00
Elddis Xplore 55620116£13,399.00

Obtainable Units at Downshire Caravans

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