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Campbells Caravans Ltd

Watkin Lane
Tel 01772 627627

Description of business
For over forty years Campbells have offered its customers only the best new caravans, quality used caravans, awnings and more recently, motorhomes.

Add to this our superb technical knowledge, fantastic after-sales service facilities as well as highly experienced staff who are also experienced caravanners, you can see why Campbells are recognised as one of the countries leading authorities on Caravans, Awnings, Motorhomes and Accessories.

Opening times
Winter Opening Times (Oct-Feb)
9am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)
9am - 5pm (Sat)
10am - 4pm (Sun)

Summer Opening Times (Mar-Sept)
9am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)
9am - 5pm (Sat)
11am - 5pm (Sun)

Obtainable Units at Campbells Caravans Ltd

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